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81. Hodzic, A., Kasibhatla, P. S., Jo, D. S., Cappa, C., Jimenez, J. L., Madronich, S., and Park, R. J.

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80. Soo-Jin Park, Wonsik Choi, Jae-Jin Kim, Minjoong J. Kim, Rokjin J. Park, Kyung-Soo Han, Geon Kang

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79. S. Y. Bae, J. I. Jeong, R. J. Park, K. -S. S. Lim, and S. -Y. Hong

Weekly variabilty of precipitation induced by anthropogenic aerosols: A case study in Korea in summer 2004, Science of the Total Environment

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OH Reactivity in Urban and Suburban regions in Seoul, South Korea - An East Asian megacity in a rapid transition, Faraday Discussions, 189, 231, DOI: 10.1039/c5fd00230c

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77. Jo, D. S., Park, R. J., Lee, S., Kim, S.-W., and Zhang, X.

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76. Kim, M. J., Yeh, S. -W., and Park, R. J.

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