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Air Quality Forecasting

Project Contributors: Hyeonmin Kim, Seungun Lee, Rokjin Park

  Recently, the Geostationary Environment Monitoring Spectrometer (GEMS) was successfully launched. It is expected to provide us a crucial opportunity of measuring and diagnosing air quality in East Asia. As an effort to maximize this opportunity, the SIJAQ*/GMAP** campaign will be conducted in 2021~2023 as a follow-up study of the 2016 KORUS-AQ*** campaign. The SIJAQ/GMAP campaign is a cooperative project many research teams participate in and a multi-platform project employing satellites, research aircrafts, research vessels, ground-based networks, and global/regional chemical transport models. Models will provide daily air quality forecasts that support the coordination of research flight tracks and a comprehensive analysis on measurements.

The objectives of the campaign

  - Investigating unknown mechanism of secondary PM formation in winter

  - Mapping air pollution in Asia and large point source characterization

  - Calibrating/Validating of GEMS products

Participating organizations


  - Other countries: NASA, Univ. Bremen, MPI-C, BIRA, KNMI, Chiba Univ., JAMSTEC, etc.

*Satellite Integrated Joint monitoring of Air Quality

**GEMS Map of Air Pollution

***Korea-United States Air Quality Study